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Our Technology

Our Technology

Innovative –Micro to Nanotechnology Success Story

Kerfoot Technologies’ innovative chemical oxidation processes and systems, which include  C-Sparger® and Perozone®, stem from our unique knowledge of oxidative microbubble and coated microbubble reactions and the use of ozone and hydroperoxides in remediation solutions.  The patented processes dramatically reduce the time, cost, and potential long-term liability of traditional clean-up methods.

First Groundwater Flowmeter

Kerfoot Technologies takes pride in being the first to introduce a commercial groundwater flowmeter to document groundwater flow patterns and rates of flow.  The GeoFlo®groundwater flowmeter is useful directly in saturated soils, or as it is more commonly used, in cased wells or boreholes.   It operates on heat-pulse infrared principles, which parallel acoustic processes.

Kerfoot Technologies also manufactures several configurations of hammer-driven push-probe systems for sampling of soil gas, water, and soil.  These systems are truly portable.  They may be used in basements, between buildings, and in the case of the Model 14 where power is not available.


Fracture Water Recycling

Nanozox™/Nanobubble Generators Nanozox™


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