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Kerfoot Technologies introduces a Nanozox™ inline generator system for treatment of chlorinated solvents, 1,4 dioxane, petroleum hydrocarbons, and BTEX compounds, or for bacterial disinfection of transported liquids for pipelines of 4- to 8-inch diameter of .25- to 1.0-inch thick HDPE which have lengths of 1 to 10 miles.1  Flow rates commonly range from 50 to 200 gallons per minute .

The generator receives ozone gas and peroxide from a trailer-mounted system or from the generator housed in a small shed near the pipeline.   Ozone and peroxide loadings are matched to the target compound mass which flows through the pipe.

The Nanozox™ system generates nanobubbles containing ozone with a hydrogen peroxide coating which is a highly reactive chemical oxidant.  The main reactive surface is a film layer around the nanobubbles formed by Criegee ozonides and hydroxyl and associated radicals.  Special coatings allow the oxidative/reduction potential to be controlled to avoid material degradation.  The ozone/peroxide destroys organic chemicals through the process of chemical oxidation, breaking targeted organic chemical and daughter products into carbon dioxide and water as end products.


  • Low capital equipment costs
  • Low operating costs (~ $8/day)
  • Installation requires minimal site disturbance
  • Quiet operation, below 20 db Peroxide volume/day at 5-10 gallons, 8% solution
  • PLC controller
  • At 175 gpd pipeflow, cost is $.0006/gallon ($.025/barrel)

U.S. Patents 6,984,329; 7,264,747; 7,572,368; Others pending.

Model 9600 Nanozox™ Inline Generator

Product Characteristics:

  • ½ hp high pressure compressor
  • 60 gm/hr ozone output with O2
  • PSA oxygen concentrator
  • Peroxide pump

Power Requirements: 

  • 220 VAC, single phase, 20 amp
  • 50 KWH per day
  • 1500 KWH per month

Physical Characteristics:

  • Nanozox™ panel Dimensions:  29.5”H x 40”W x 12”D Weight:  75 lbs
  • Oxygen concentrators (2 Dimensions:  27”H x 18”W x 10”D Weight (each):  55 lbs 


  • UL Listed:  U.S. and Canada #E241880


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