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Kerfoot Technologies, Inc. has a mission:  to develop environmental tools and technologies that speed up, simplify, and reduce the cost of groundwater remediation.

Kerfoot Technologies, Inc. is an acknowledged leader in groundwater remediation and characterization equipment.  Since 1978, KTI has invented and manufactured innovative instruments and methods to obtain fast, effective, accurate, and efficient results.  The product line includes its microbubble air/ozone chemical oxidation systems, heat-pulse groundwater flowmeters (GeoFlo®), and soil gas push-probe samplers (Macho and Hefty Systems).

KTI’s processes and systems have been used on hundreds of remediation sites in the United States, Canada, and Europe.  All products and processes obtain results with minimal site disruption, low profile, and in the case of the chemical oxidation technology, rapid site closure.

Kerfoot Technologies’ patented groundwater remediation equipment and processes evolved from the original air sparge systems, into the current chemical oxidation systems using ozone (C-Sparger®) and ozone/peroxide (Perozone®) with air, and further to Nanozox™, with the advantages of nanobubble chemistry.  The pulsed injection of gaseous microbubbles of ozone was the technical breakthrough to make the process extremely effective in the remediation of hydrocarbon and chlorinated contaminants.  The development of laminar Spargepoints® to allow liquid coatings on the micro- to nanobubbles further enhanced the effectiveness of reaction.

Equally important as the technology we create is the quality of our staff and service support.  If there is a question of treatability, we have an in-house laboratory to perform bench-scale tests.  We will assist with spargewell placement design and in the set-up and use of the equipment.  Once the equipment is in place, our professionals are ready to help in the evaluation and trouble-shooting of performance and equipment.
From initial design to closure, Kerfoot Technologies supports its customers.

• Comprehensive review of site characterization data, including direct groundwater flow measurement equipment, for both rental and purchase.
• In-house treatability bench-scale testing. 
• Theoretical and empirical time to treat models.
• Remediation system design. .
• Remediation system setup, startup, training, diagnostics, and performance evaluation.

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